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Sunday, July 11, 2010

My garden

My garden is growing nicely this year.I've gotten peas, 5 cucumbers and 3 squash.Tomorrow they'll be a larger harvest of these and the green tomatoes are abundant.I'm looking forward to using these fresh items in my cooking!The herb bed is also beautiful.There is also corn,peppers of all varieties,cabbage,brocolli,beans bush and pole,corn,squash,sunflowers,beets,radishes and spinach.Although some of these are sparce I feel very lucky the weather is more agreeable than last year.
I worked most of the day from 615 am till dark on the garden.The tomatoes were starting to get blossom end rot.I rubbed all of the tomato bottoms with Wok Oil(smells strongly of garlic)to knock off the blossoms also removing and discarding of affected fruit.I weeded,planted,watered,rototilled,killed bugs and picked an abundence of zuchini that I shard joyfully with six families.Also I planted two calcium vit D supplements at base of each tomato and eggplant plants. lol New pictures of improved garden will be up soon.

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