Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New happenings!

I’ve been very busy cooking lately and designing a food truck/catering business. I appreciate everyone who stopped by my blog. I’m going to get back to work on it soon. Right now I am writing a Vegan cookbook to mail to Ellen DeGeneres. I sure hope she likes it! Updates coming soon!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cook Book Now on Sale!

I finally completed my book! It contains 200 deliciously gourmet recipes! Easy to read and make was my goal on 199 and then there is a Italian Rum Cake to challenge you! The photo here includes my book with a self designed cover. On the plate is French Bread topped with Garlic Basil Pesto pg. 2, Meat Balls pg. 32 and Homemade Vegetable Sauce -Tomato- pg. 74! If you'd like to order a copy (or two) of my 79 paged recipe book please send payment by check or money order of $20.00 to Roberta Sloat Bonney P.O. Box 505 New Boston, NH 03070. I am praying my hard work will pay off and I will be able to become financially independent and make my everyone proud. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I promise to update and continue to update in the near future! Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I just made the most amazing pixxa I've ever eaten!
Any one curious what my motivation was or what the ingredients are?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday, October 29, 2010

Greek Chowder

1 1/2 lbs. lamb chops cut into bite size pieces
2 lbs. ground lamb
32 oz. sour cream
1/3 cup olive oil
2 oz. butter
1 cup fresh chopped Greek oregano
1/2 cup fresh chopped garlic
4 lbs. leeks washed well and cut into about 1/2 in. pieces
3 eggs
1 1/2 lbs. potatoes cut into med./small bite size pieces
3.5 oz. diced goat cheese
6.5 oz. jar sun dried tomato pesto with pine nuts
2 English muffins
2 Tbsp. chicken bouillon
26 oz. can of cream of chicken soup
4 oz. Greek black olives optional edible garnish
4 oz. sundried tomatoes chopped optional edible garnish
8 mint leaves optional edible garnish
4 oz. feta or goat cheese in small piece for edible garnish

1. Wash potatoes and leeks WELL. And cut them into bite size pieces and discard of roots and outer peel.

2. Cut lamb chops into bite size pieces. Cook with garlic and 1/3 chopped fresh oregano in the olive oil and butter on high heat for 5 to 14 minutes stirring frequently.

3. In two medium pots add two cups of water to each and put cut leeks and bouillon in one pot and potatoes in the other. Cook covered on high heat boiling for 8 to 14 minutes until almost tender.

4. While vegetables are cooking, in a med. bowl mix ground lamb, 2/3 cup chopped fresh oregano, sun dried tomato pesto, eggs, goat cheese and English muffins broken into small pieces.

5. Lamb chop pieces when done cooking need to be put in the final cooking 3 quart pot leaving the oilive oil in pan to cook ground lamb.

6. Cook ground lamb mixture on high heat stirring often for 8 to 18 minutes.

7. While ground lamb is cooking add the ingredients sour cream, cream of chicken soup, cooked potatoes and leeks) in final three qt. cooking pot and mix gently with lamb chop pieces.

8. Add ground lamb to final 3 qt. chowder pot and stir gently on medium heat until hot without boiling. And serve with garnish edible toppings as desired including black olives, chopped sun dried tomatoes, mint leaves and cheese (feta of goat).